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We all know that it is only the iOS devices that can be jailbroken. Although they are far more open than the iPhone or the iPad, Android mobile devices can’t be jailbroken which means they are missing out on so much. One of the most popular types of app that jailbreakers download from Cydia [ext link] are those that give us access to TV shows and movies that we can stream onto our devices and now, with a new app called CinemaBox, Android users can now enjoy the same.

Image : CinemaBox APK

How to Download CinemaBox APK :

To download CinemaBox onto your Android device, you need to download the APK file first. This is the application package file that you need when you install apps and other software on Android. The APK is downloaded in the format of a zipped file which is based on JAR format. The steps to download it are a bit fiddly but must be followed exactly as written otherwise CinemaBox can’t be downloaded to your device.

  1. On your Android tablet or smartphone, open your Settings app
  2. Tap on Security and then tick the box next to Unknown Source options. Warning [ if you do not do this step, the APK won’t download to your device ]
  3. Now download the CinemaBox APK [ File ] onto your Mac or PC
  4. Extract the file contents and then send the APK to yourself by email 
  5. On your Android device, open your email and download the APK file 
  6. Find the file on your device and tap to install it
  7. Don’t touch your Android device while CinemaBox is being downloaded , you may interfere with the installation and cause it to stop

That is all there is to it. Provided you followed the steps carefully you should now be able to enjoy CinemaBox in all its glory on your Android device.

CinemaBox is a top choice for those of you who love to watch films and shows on your devices and the fact that it has been extended to Android users is a great move by the developers. It is a safe app to use so don’t be afraid to download it and try it.

Do tell us how you get on with it and if you like it or not, if not, what didn’t you like about it ? If you want access to more tips and tutorials like this one then you can follow us on Facebook.

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