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CinemaBox is a name you will get to know well. It is the latest app to let us stream all our favorite movies and TV shows directly to our devices in Full HD or to download them and watch them later offline. CinemaBox is better than many of the other apps of its kind because it is not only packed with content and is updated monthly with all the newest movies and shows, it is also Chromecast enabled. This means you can cast your movie or show onto your larger TV screens and watch in comfort.

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With jailbreaks becoming less and less frequent, more of these types of apps will become available but, unlike many others of its kind, CinemaBox is legal to use and that makes it perfectly safe for you to download. You can watch the most up to date movies and the best of all the TV shows out there, including Game of Thrones Series , along with plenty of others. But not everyone will get on with CinemaBox and others may have problems that can only be fixed in one way , deleting and then reinstalling the app. Here’s how to do that:

How to Delete CinemaBox :

Sometimes, especially if you come up against a problem, the simplest solution is to delete the app and then reinstall it when you are ready. Deleting CinemaBox is very easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Unlock the screen on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Look for the CinemaBox icon on your home screen , don’t open it
  3. Tap and hold the icon until it goes into wiggle mode , all icons should be wiggling
  4. Tap on the cross in the top corner of the CinemaBox icon 
  5. Now a confirmation window will appear, tap on Delete to confirm your intentions 
  6. CinemaBox will now be deleted permanently from your iPhone or iPad

Video: This will demonstrate the above steps for you

To reinstall it, simply follow the instructions in the post linked below:

Do you think CinemaBox is something you would want to use? It’s a real treat for fans of films and TV shows and is well worth a look so download it and try it; you have nothing to lose.

Tell us what you think of CinemaBox and what you are watching through it. For more tips and tutorials like this one, you can follow us on Facebook.



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